We are happy to feature another great coach. Meet Coach Andrew, who helps at Boundary Oak Golf Course!

How did you get involved with The First TEe?
I happened to be walking back to my car in the Boundary Oak parking lot one day, and walked by Coach Monica putting some First Tee signs back into her car after a STEM session.  I stopped to say hello and ask her about what the First Tee does at Boundary.  After talking for a few minutes, it was an easy decision! I asked her to sign me up and here I am.

What have First Tee participants taught YOU?

Keep trying! Golf is supposed to be…FUN!  Celebrate your successes.

What would you tell a parent who was considering of enrolling their junior into a class at The first tee?
Whether your junior is a first-time golfer or not, we will work hard to make sure they have a positive fun experience learning life and golf skills.

What is the best thing about being a coach?

Seeing the look on a participant’s face when they accomplish something for the first time, and they want to share that experience with you.

What is a hobby or something you do that might surprise other coaches or the first tee participants?
AG: I have been working at the same company since my senior year in college, where I started as an intern, nearly 24 years ago.

How would your players describe you as a coach?

Hopefully fun!  Someone who likes challenging warm-ups a little too much, but makes an effort to give everyone 1:1 time during every class.

What is your favorite golf club in your bag and why?
AG: My putter is my favorite club, when I get on a green, I feel like I always can make that putt.  It’s a 13-way tie for my least favorite club…. [laughs]

What is one strategy you use to keep participants engaged?

Each participant learns differently, it’s finding the right combination of instruction and attention cues – sometimes you have to get creative.  Regardless of which combination one uses to coach, focusing on the positives keeps them working toward the goals.

What is your favorite game or activity to implement during class?

AGThe kids like to “let the big dog eat”, but my favorites are putting games where participants work as a team to earn points.

is there anything else you’d like to share?
I feel fortunate to have been able to learn and train under Coach Monica – this was my first year of volunteering and it has been such a rewarding experience.  Thanks Coach!!

Coach Andrew coaches the PLAYer and Par levels at Boundary Oak Golf Course.
Thank you Coach Andrew!