Are you looking for additional playing opportunities for your Junior? Then look no further! Check below for different opportunities with our awesome coaches !

We encourage our junior golfers to go out and play; to facilitate that, our awesome coaches have offered to volunteer their time and play a 9-hole round of golf with our participants.

Juniors must be in the PLAYer or higher levels. In addition, each play day needs a minimum of two participants, so your junior and a friend can play together!

Things to keep in mind:

  • PLAYers will be able to pay minimum green fees as long as they have a Youth On Course Card. For Lone Tree Golf Course, juniors who do not have a Youth On Course Card will only be able to play reduced fees if they are participating in a “PLAY 9 With…” play day with a Coach, otherwise, regular green fees will apply.
  • “PLAY 9 With…” play days are an opportunity for juniors to go play with their coach for fun. During “PLAY 9 With…” play days, any tips or coaching will be at the discretion of the coach, as the main intent for PLAY 9 remains to simply go on the course to have fun or complete a playing requirement.
  • If you would like to schedule an “On-course lesson” where coaching is provided by a coach during a round of golf, please contact the coach directly, as this will be no longer a “PLAY 9 With…” since coaching fees will likely apply, and the lesson will likely need to be booked through the golf course.
  • Other than their own green fees, juniors will not be responsible for any additional costs during a “PLAY 9 With…”

Are you ready to get started? Great!

Choose your favorite coach below, and get in touch with them through email, or by calling the chapter office. When emailing, please make sure the email subject reads “PLAY 9 with…” to make sure your email is seen.

Do you have any questions? Please let us know by contacting our chapter office, or emailing Lucio Diaz at [email protected]

Coach Phil Van Tassell
[email protected]
 925 446 6701
Lone Tree
Diablo Creek
Coach Rebecca Martinez
925 446 6701
[email protected]
Buchanan Fields
Blue Rock Springs
Coach Jamie Maddox
925-683-9225 (text)
[email protected]
Diablo Creek
Coach Lucio Diaz
[email protected]
925 446 6701 ext. 103
(Temporarily Unavailable)
Diablo Creek
Boundary Oak