Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: November 2021

Starting in the program

All players who are new to First Tee – Contra Costa begin in one of three levels based on their age.

TARGET is the starting point for juniors between 5 and 6 years old. Juniors must be 5 years old at the time of class in order to be eligible to participate.
Next is the PLAYer level, which is subdivided into PLAYer 1 and PLAYer 2.
PLAYer 1 is for participants 7-8 years old, and/or new to First Tee.
PLAYer 2 is for participants 9 years and older, and/or new to First Tee (Ages 13 and up can start in Teen only classes at select locations).

All juniors begin the program at the PLAYer level, and progress to subsequent levels by completing different requirements that measure their golf skill and understanding of the curriculum delivered at each level.

My participant is an advanced player, can he/she skip PLAYer and be placed in a higher level class?

Per Home Office standards, all juniors must begin at the PLAYer level. This is to expose them to the curriculum in PLAYer, which covers First Tee Nine Core Values and Healthy Habits and serves as a foundation for subsequent levels. Juniors starting at the PLAYer 2 level only need to join one session in PLAYer and complete the certification process before becoming eligible to move to Par. It is not possible to skip levels.

Progressing through the program

Participants will move through these first three levels (TARGET to PLAYer 1, and from PLAYer 1 to PLAYer 2) based on age alone. To enter into the Par level and above, participants will need to certify for the previous level. For example, a participant must be “PLAYer 2 certified” before enrolling into the Par level. Visit our Certification & Assessment Page to learn more about this process.

How long does it take to move from one level to the next?

The answer is dependent on the individual. Certification is the outcome of a fun learning process that occurs through time and may take up to two years to complete. Although session minimums are listed, repeating sessions is common and encouraged, especially for younger participants. Older players may move through the levels more quickly while it may take multiple sessions for younger participants. Participants who play and practice regularly may move through the levels more quickly than players who do not.

How do participants become “certified”?

At the end of each session we will offer assessment days for PLAYer 2, Par, Birdie, and Eagle participants at Diablo Creek Golf Course. Participants must attend an assessment day in order to certify and progress to the next level. If a participant meets the certification criteria, they are eligible to move to the next level.  Visit our Certification Page to learn more about the requirements at each level.

If my participant does not meet the certification requirements, can he/she reassess to try to certify again?

Participants may attempt to certify up to two times per session if they wish.

I’m not sure what level my participant is in, how do I sign them up?

If you are a returning participant, the chapter office has records of the last class level you attended and for what level you were last certified. Please contact the chapter office and we will let you know what level to sign up for next.

My child will not be able to make it to class, can he/she attend a different class/location to make up the absence?

For safety reasons and effectiveness of the class we do not offer make ups for missed classes. Exceptions to make ups are made when classes are cancelled due to rain, excessive heat. In these cases, our office will contact the class to schedule the make up date.

What happens in case of rain/heat/smoke?

In case classes seem uncertain due to weather conditions, please refer to our “Weather Update Page”. Class statuses and the criteria for class cancellations will be listed on that page.

Do you have any additional questions?
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